join us and make a difference
Every 12 seconds, someone dies as a result of being overweight or obese. Diet and active lifestyle is the solution, not drugs. Our goal at MacroActive is to reverse this trend by educating populations via trainers and nutritionists with large social followings. Our technology allows these trainers to scale the delivery of their own customized meal plans and training programs, turning their fans into buyers, and more importantly, impacting the lives of millions of people instead of only a those at the local gym or studio.

If you have a superpower and you know it's great product management, and you want to put your superpower to better use -- like making a meaningful impact on health and happiness of millions of people -- we think you should apply for this role.

We're looking for a professional product manager to join our team. One who has that unique mix of great interpersonal skills, strategic thinking and analytical skills, as well as prioritization, organizational and leadership skills while being able to always look at the product through the eyes of the end user. Yes, this is a unique mix of skills and generally only a mix that belongs to an exceptional product manager. 
You are an experienced executive assistant who enjoys supporting the CEO. You are not afraid of high growth. You've seen it before... this is not your first rodeo. Your business acumen is sharp and your EQ is sharper. You know the kind of support that's needed to help the team go faster. Your superpower is helping your executives stay focused on their superpowers.  

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